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Raise the Roof!

A few years ago St. Barnabas began making plans for a major roofing project. The large A-frame roof over the main part of the church building was in need of re-surfacing, as well as some upgrades to insulation, vapour sealing, and plumbing. The work began in 2019, and continued through the summer of 2020. The result of this work is a safer and more energy efficient church building. 

Our Goal

The cost of the project was a little over $200,000. A large portion of that amount was raised by the congregation before the work was completed. The remaining cost was covered by a low-interest loan to the parish from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. Our goal is to pay off this loan as soon as possible! Our ambitious goal for 2021 is to raise approximately $65,000 toward this initiative.


Bake sales and other special events are organized and offered as an opportunity to raise funds for Raise the Roof. Several church volunteers are committed to helping organize and promote these events for the parish and the wider community. For information about these fundraiser events, please contact the church office.


Direct donations are essential to St. Barnabas' plan to pay off the Raise the Roof loan within a few years. An easy way to visualize the impact of your gift is to think of each $20 donation covering the cost of repairing one square foot of St. Barnabas' roof. Donations toward this effort can be made any time and should be marked as in support of the "Raise the Roof Fund". Thank you for your generosity! 

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