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Fresh Bread Rolls

Reception Committee

The Reception Committee is a hospitality ministry and one which the members are very pleased to provide. They take great joy in providing catering for the parish for special  events and in particular for funeral receptions. The parish can be counted on to provide food and other help when requested and always make a wonderful contribution!

Fellowship Meals

Eating together provides an important opportunity for the church community to get to socialize and have fun together. In a normal year, there are several opportunities to share a meal together after worship services. These include special occasions such as at Stewardship Sunday, on the day of the annual meeting of Parish Vestry, when the parish is hosting a special visitor, or sometimes just for fun! These meals are usually provided through the efforts of the whole congregation. While donations are accepted, there is no charge to take part. Everyone is welcome at the table!

Fundraiser Events

A few times a year, St. Barnabas hosts major fundraiser events that draw from across the wider community. These include the annual Holly Tea & Bazaar, as well as the bi-annual Giant Garage Sale. The funds raised at these events are important to the parish's ability to provide ministry in the community. Promotion for these events, and recruitment for volunteers to run them is publicized in advance.

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