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Pastoral Care

Sometimes members of the community need a little extra support. When that happens, St. Barnabas is there for them. Clergy and parish volunteers work to ensure that requests for pastoral care are attended to with compassion and confidentiality. Our parish offers pastoral care in the following forms:

  • Hospital visits

  • Ministry at death and care for bereaved

  • Support in time of transition or crisis

  • Visitation of isolated parishioners

  • Managing requests for community prayers

  • Worship services in local retirement and nursing homes

  • Coordinating transportation under some circumstances


Requests for pastoral care can be made by contacting the church office or Archdeacon Patrick directly.

Requests for Prayer

The Christian Church is a praying community. Whether we are physically gathered together in the church building, or each in our separate homes, we are constantly united in prayer. If you have any concern or need that you would like to be shared with the community so that we can join in prayer for you, please let us know through the church office. Confidential prayer requests can also be made directly to Archdeacon Patrick.

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